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DOCUMENTARIES COMPETITION - PACKAGE 4: Them, Us and Skitskoj... / Prisoners of a White God

Czech Republic / 104 min. / Colour

new czech documentary - competition

Them, Us and Skitskoj /A Dialogue in the Editing Room/
The island of Skitskoy lies in the inaccessible taiga in the north of Russia. A community of Old Believers lives there on the river Pizhma, hidden from civilisation, the changing world around them and the power of the Orthodox Church. They continue to profess the original faith that in 16th-century Russia was reformed and banned. They are bound by strict religious rituals, and observe with precision - and a degree of obsession - the church holidays and everyday duties. The dialogue between the director and the editor while the film was being finished is a meditation on seeking and finding connections and communication in today's dehumanised world.

Story and screenplay: Zdeněk Novotný-Bričkovský, Taťána Černá * Direction, cinematography and production: Zdeněk Novotný- Bričkovský * Editing: Taťána Černá * Sound: David Rotter * Produced by: DÓMfilm * Participants (voices): Zdeněk Novotný-Bričkovský, Taťána Černá.

Prisoners of a White God
A documentary about a small mountain tribe, made about a real event. Czech researcher Tomáš spent almost two years in the mountains of Thailand and Laos, trying to find the cause of the wrongs and violence perpetuated on the Akha and their children. The aboriginal mountain nation of the Akha, living in the Golden Triangle, is, absurdly, falling victim to Western development programmes. The young researcher grows close to the villagers, but the closer he grows to the issues of international aid, gaining shocking evidence of a humanitarian catastrophe, the more he becomes persona non grata for certain Western development and mission organisations.

Story: Tomáš Ryška * Screenplay: Tomáš Ryška, Steve L. Lichtag * Director: Steve L. Lichtag * Cinematography: Tomáš Ryška, Matěj Cibulka, Jan Bělohlavý * Music: Pavel Kotzian * Produced by: Twin Star Productions


Date Time Hall
21.04.2009 19:00 Meštanská Beseda - JoNáš