Liza, the Fox-Fairy

Liza, the Fox-Fairy

Wednesday | 20. 4. 2016 | 16:30 | Cinema Měšťanská beseda

Section: Festival ZOOM (selection of festival winning films)


Thursday | 21. 4. 2016 | 16:30 | Klempírna DEPO2015

Section: Festival ZOOM (selection of festival winning films)

98 minutes

English friendly


A playful dark comedy about a young woman, Liza, longing for love. There is one problem, however - all of her lovers die. Liza is convinced that she must be the Fox Fairy, an evil demon that eats the souls of the men she meets. Liza is a nurse and for the last 12 years she has been taking care of Marta, a widow of the Japanese ambassador to Hungary. Marta is killed by her imaginary friend, Toni Tani, a Japanese pop singer from the 1970s, when Lisa goes away for a moment. Marta’s relatives have reported to the police that the killer must be Liza, who did it to inherit Marta’s apartment. And so, the crazy chain of events begins...


Scénář / Screenplay: Bálint Hegedűs, Károly Ujj-Mészáros

Režie / Direction: Károly Ujj-Mészáros

Kamera / Cinematography: Péter Szatmári

Hudba / Music: Dániel Csengery, Ambrus Tövisházi

Střih / Editing: Judit Czakó

Producent / Producer: István Major

Výroba / Production: Filmteam

Hrají / Cast: Mónika Balsai, Szabolcs Bede-Fazekas, David Sakurai, Piroska Molnár, Zoltán Schmied a další / and others.

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