Confession of the Vanished

Confession of the Vanished

Saturday | 16. 4. 2016 | 12:00 | Klempírna DEPO2015

Section: Golden Kingfisher – Documentary Films Competition


Wednesday | 20. 4. 2016 | 22:00 | Klempírna DEPO2015

Section: Golden Kingfisher – Documentary Films Competition

78 minutes

English friendly


The film portrays the staging of Olimpiade, an opera by Josef Mysliveček, as performed by the Collegium 1704 orchestra conducted by Václav Luks. Together with Ursel Herrman, a German director, the conductor managed to create a masterpiece that was played in Prague as well as in Dijon and Luxembourg. The film sensitively shows both the fragile and passionate aspects of music, using two types of shots - classical camera work for scenic and orchestra rehearsals and handicam used by the director to capture the ambiance of places that still breathe the spirit of the 18th century, despite being transformed over time.


Námět, scénář a režie / Story, screenplay and direction: Petr Václav

Kamera / Cinematography: Miroslav Janek, Petr Václav

Hudba / Music: Josef Mysliveček

Střih / Editing: Florent Vassault

Zvuk / Sound: Michael Míček, Daniel Němec

Producent / Producer: Jan Macola

Koprodukce / Co-production: Česká televize, Cinéma Defacto

Výroba / Production: Mimesis Film

Účinkují / Cast: Raffaella Milanesi, Václav Luks, Eduardo Nappi, Simona Šaturová, Tehila Nini Goldstein, Krystian Adam a další.

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