Czech Journal - Near Far East

Czech Journal - Near Far East

Monday | 18. 4. 2016 | 12:00 | JoNáš Měšťanská beseda

Section: Golden Kingfisher – Documentary Films Competition


Tuesday | 19. 4. 2016 | 22:00 | Klempírna DEPO2015

Section: Golden Kingfisher – Documentary Films Competition

70 minutes

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The author takes us on a rather unusual road movie across Ukraine, which is close to due to family connections as well as friendships. On his trips to Ukraine the director meets with many people from different sides of the ideologically and politically divided Ukrainian society. Through the eyes of the camera, we observe everyday life in a war zone, looking at the situation on both sides of the front - the seemingly calm situation in the West of the country as well as tension in the Eastern war zones. The whole crew crosses the front line to the areas controlled by the separatists at the time when both sides breached the cease-fire. Is there an end to this useless war that so often puts relatives against each other?


Námět / Story: Michal Gábor, Filip Remunda

Scénář a režie / Screenplay and direction: Filip Remunda

Kamera / Cinematography: Martin Tokár

Hudba / Music: Sergej Kurjochin, Mykola Lysenko, Zlata Ohnevyč, Mykola Kondraťuk, John Lennon, Sergej Rachmaninov, Sergej Kurjochyn

Střih / Editing: Marek Šulík

Zvuk / Sound: Michal Gábor, Oleg Golovišnikov

Dramaturgie / Script editing: Jan Gogola ml, Jana Hádková

Producent / Producer: Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda (Hypermarket Film), kreativní producent / creative producer Petr Kubica (Česká televize)

Výroba / Production: Hypermarket film, Česká televize

Účinkují / Cast: Taťána Novakovskaja, Michail Moskalenko, Viktoria Kot, Daria Minaeva, Anastasia Chihradze, Polina Chihradze, Taťána Chihradze a další.

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