Christmas „Killing Joke“

Christmas „Killing Joke“

Thursday | 21. 4. 2016 | 14:00 | Small Hall Měšťanská beseda

Section: In the Nets of 2015 (an overview of feature films)

86 minutes

English friendly


A Christmas-themed crazy comedy. The fifth sequel of the “Killing Joke” franchise yet again follows the unbelievable kerfuffle around Pepan the Mayor who really cannot catch a break, even before Christmas. It seems that the Killjoketown will not become famous, because the evil town activist stopped them from building a ski jumping facility on the nearby Říp mountain, despite the fact that the president himself supported the project. Miracles do happen, however, especially during Christmas, and the president surprises everybody in the end. Yet before we can enjoy the inevitable happy ending that moves the whole town and people everywhere on Earth to tears, brace yourself for some serious killing jokes before Christmas.


Scénář / Screenplay: Marcel Bystroň

Režie a kamera/ Direction and cinematography: F. A. Brabec

Hudba / Music: Marcus Benois Tran

Střih / Editing: Adam Dvořák

Zvuk / Sound: Jiří Klenka

Kostýmy / Costumes: Jaroslava Brabcová-Pecharová

Producent / Producer: Pavel Pásek

Koproducent / Co-producer:

Výroba / Production: NOGUP Agency

Hrají / Cast: Václav Vydra, Jan Antonín Duchoslav, Ladislav Hruška, Hana Čížková, Dana Morávková, Václav Upír Krejčí a další / and others.

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