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Saturday | 16. 4. 2016 | 18:00 | Small Hall Měšťanská beseda

Section: In the Nets of 2015 (an overview of feature films)

103 minutes


In an unspecified TV studio, the viewer gets a peek into the world of “fast entertainment.” We are at the set of a soap opera and all the characters big and small are ready; young inexperienced actors clash with the unbelievably bitchy legends, the director has to push his ideas through the tough producer, who pursues her own agenda, the technicians mess things up from time to time, all the usual... Everything would be just the same old routine, if Tomáš, the director, didn’t come up with a new character, inspired by a real life lobbyist. The rating numbers climb, but the real gangster has now put the series in his crosshairs.


Námět / Story: Antonín Procházka

Scénář / Screenplay: Jiří Mádl, Petr Hudský

Režie / Direction: Miloslav Šmídmajer

Kamera / Cinematography: Martin Duba

Hudba / Music: Zdeněk Merta

Střih / Editing: Jakub Vansa

Zvuk / Sound: Petr Dvořák

Dramaturgie / Script editing: Mária Dufková, Miloš Zahradník

Architekt / Production design: Adam Pitra

Kostýmy / Costumes: Lucie Ulíková

Producent / Producer: Miloslav Šmídmajer

Výroba / Production: Bio Illusion, Fénix Film

Hrají / Cast: Jiří Mádl, Monika Horváthová, Vilma Cibulková, Filip Kaňkovský, Robert Jašków, Ladislav Mrkvička, Antonín Procházka a další / and others.

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