Journey to Rome

Journey to Rome

Sunday | 17. 4. 2016 | 14:00 | Small Hall Měšťanská beseda

Section: In the Nets of 2015 (an overview of feature films)

100 minutes

English friendly


A comedy that tells the story of Vašek, a night gallery guard who needs money for a Tibetan healer that would cure him and so decides to steal a painting. The robbery is a success. Vašek puts on a false mustache and sunglasses and gets on a train, not knowing that the whole journey is a scheme of a beautiful girl who sent him off on a self-discovery quest. Both detectives and thieves are after him, yet his attention is focused on his fellow travellers who entangle him into their own stories. Vašek is lost in a colorful mélange of other people’s destinies and opinions and his own dreams. The train takes some to hell, others towards enlightenment and strange realization.


Námět / Story: Tomasz Mielnik, Vít Poláček

Scénář / Screenplay: Tomasz Mielnik, Vít Poláček

Režie / Direction: Tomasz Mielnik

Kamera / Cinematography: Jan Šuster

Hudba / Music: Martin Klusák

Střih / Editing: Šimon Hájek

Zvuk / Sound: Michaela Patríková, David Titěra

Architekt / Production design: Pavel Nový

Kostýmy / Costumes: Tomáš Chlud

Producent / Producer: Mikuláš Novotný (Background Films)

Koproducent / Co-producer: Weronika Czolnowská (EasyBusyProduction)

Výroba / Production: Background Films

Hrají / Cast: Václav Hrzina, Berenika Kohoutová, Miroslav Donutil, Juraj Herz, Tomáš Hanák, Johana Švarcová, Igor Chmela a další / and others.

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