Auto Bazaar Monte Karlo – epizode 7 Chinaman

Auto Bazaar Monte Karlo – epizode 7 Chinaman

8 minutes


Karel Čížek (Petr Čtvrtníček) is a very industrious owner of a used cars shop, Auto Bazaar Monte Karlo, and there is nothing he would not do to make a sale. In order to transform his tiny operation into a prosperous company, he goes as far as to sell the beloved car of his only mechanic, Boda (Jaroslav Ples). His long time friend the Chinaman (Leoš Noha) can appreciate quality for sure, and pays in gold. Even throws in a little extra. Quite an unusual extra that is…


Námět / Story: Petr Král, Robert Geisler, Tomáš Hodan, Milan Kuchynka, Jan Prušinovský

Scénář / Screenplay: Jan Prušinovský

Režie / Direction: Jan Prušinovský

Kamera / Cinematography: Petr Koblovský

Střih / Editing: Lukáš Opatrný

Zvuk / Sound: Matěj Matuška, Michal Čech

Architekt / Production design: Jan Pjena Novotný

Kostýmy / Costumes: Ivan Stekla

Producent / Producer: Milan Kuchynka

Výroba / Production: Negativ pro


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