Industry program

Creative Europe Media

Friday 25 September

Meeting of Regional Film Offices Representatives


For invited guests only.

Language: Czech

Excursion to FDULS’ Animation Studio

2:00-4:00PM / Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

We invite you to a tour of the equipment of the Studio of Animated and Interactive Work, which is located at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Pilsen. The Studio focuses on drawn, painted, spotty and puppet animation. It has motion capture technology and combines classic animation technologies with contemporary digital and interactive production. The excursion also includes a meeting with students of the Studio and a presentation of their works.

Open for guests with HOST, PRESS and FILM STUDENT accreditations.

Language: Czech

Please register by 22 September via e-mail to



Informal online meeting with the invited foreign film industry experts.

By invitation only, for experts and presenters.

Language: English

Saturday 26 September

CZECH FILM SPRINGBOARD – Pitching & Round tables


Czech Film Springboard is an industry programme organised by the Czech Film Fund / Czech Film Center in cooperation with Finále Plzeň film festival since 2016.

A closed presentation of 6-8 Czech fiction projects in development: selected projects are pitched to invited international experts from various areas of film industry by their producers and directors and later discussed individually at round tables with selected professionals.

The event is closed for public and accessible only for invited experts and presenters of the selected projects. The ultimate goal is to draw attention of competent international experts to carefully selected Czech projects in various stages of development, and to give the projects a chance to test their viability.

By invitation only, for experts and presenters.

Language: English

Festival distribution of short films - CANCELED!

3:30-4:30PM / Městská beseda, Mayor's Lounge

Panel discussion about what possibilities of festival screening short film and student film have. How to set realistic expectations, whether it is worthwhile to ‘chase’ after A-festivals, how to set up festival distribution and how much shall the creators put aside in the budget for participation fees? Katie Metcalfe, a short-film programme dramaturgist at the Sundance Film Festival, Alexandra Gabrižová from the festival department of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, and producer Peter Badač will answer these questions.

Open for guests with HOST, PRESS and FILM STUDENT accreditations.

Language: Czech, English

Integrated safety in filming saves money and health

5:00-6:00PM / Měšťanská beseda, Mayor's Lounge

The lecture will focus on the necessary minimum in terms of Health & Safety for filmmakers and producers, which is required in actual practice. We will discus crisis management: what to do when something actually happens and what happens next. The main topic will be the latest European trend, which is integrated security, and we will look at estimates of its future development. From a purely practical point of view, we will also touch on the topic of Covid19, which falls under the Health & Safety category, and we will see the “best practice” - that doing a project responsibly does not have to be a matter of millions in expenditure. The main focus of the lecture will be practicality and usability.

Lecturer: Mgr. Jiří Kosorinský, Director of the European Institute for the Security of Film Projects and an expert on Health & Safety issues during filming, who in cooperation with the Faculty of Safety Engineering of the University of Mining in

Ostrava is working on the implementation of integrated safety into film projects in Europe.

Open for guests with HOST, PRESS and FILM STUDENT accreditation.

Language: Czech

Sunday 27 September

Distribution of Czech films on VOD and streaming platforms

10:00-11:00AM / Měšťanská beseda, Mayor's Lounge

Panel on the future of distribution of Czech films on VOD and streaming platforms (local VOD platforms, such as DAFILMS, VOYO, vs. NETFLIX, AMAZON, APPLE TV). Where do Czech films stand on domestic VOD platforms compared to viewership on new streaming platforms?

Open for guests with HOST, PRESS and FILM STUDENT accreditations.

Language: Czech

LOCATION TOUR: Mines and quarries in the Pilsen Region

27 September 2020 / Pilsen Region

The Regional Film Office of the Pilsen Region presents attractive locations for film professionals. This year, the Location Tour will map mines and quarries in the Pilsen region.

Booking required by 25 September at

Language: Czech

Throughout the Festival


25.-30. 9. 2020 / Měšťanská beseda

Are you interested in how the Pilsen Film Office works? Do you want to film in the Pilsen region and are you looking for a specific location? Are you preparing a filming work in our region and looking for financial support? Do you want to get connected with local professionals or students and establish cooperation? Expand your horizons at Finále Plzeň. Book a meeting with a representative of the Regional Film Office of the Pilsen Region during the festival week at any time between 10:00AM and 8:00PM at Měšťanská beseda in Pilsen. We will be happy to invite you for a coffee.


Café contact: Radka Šámalová (+420 737 190 798), David Brabec (+420 721 956 102).


Do you want to get connected with other film professionals as well? During the Festival, you will find a business-card box at the Guest Service department, where you can put your contact details and copy contacts for other colleagues from the film industry.


More about the activities of the Pilsen Film Office here.