Winners of the 36th Finále Plzeň

Winners of the 36th Finále Plzeň

This year's festival is over and we know the names of the winners. Take a look at who our Kingfishers flew away with this year.


Feature Live Action or Animated Films Competition


Golden Kingfisher

Brutal Heat

director: Albert Hospodářský

producers: Ondřej Lukeš, Lukáš Kokeš

The award goes to a very original and fresh film that does not try to imitate anybody or anything. The young director is brave and courageous enough to follow his own path, and on that journey he is surrounded by his tribe consisting of his loved ones. The winner is Brutal Heat.


Student Jury Award

She Came at Night

director: Tomáš Pavlíček, Jan Vejnar

producers: Eva Pavlíčková, Pavel Vácha, Tomáš Pavlíček, Jan Vejnar, Šimon Dvořáček

The award is given to the film She Came at Night, especially for acting performances and authentic script. The film managed to combine elements of comedy, drama and horror, which usually blend together in family situations. As viewers, we were able to empathize with the characters, which were pleasantly uncomfortable for us.


Documentary Films Competition


Golden Kingfisher

Citizen Miko

director: Robin Kvapil

producer: Martina Štrunc

As the jury for the documentary section we felt we had a great responsibility. We choose to award a film with a big message and an even bigger heart. In times of a divided Europe with thriving populism and hardened borders, this film shows us that we CAN change things for the better if we just get up and get going! We choose to award a film which restores our faith in humanity, a film that continuously confronts our own prejudices, inspires us and introduces us to genuinely good people who do make a difference. With this award we want to not only highlight this film – for its important humanistic message – but also its protagonist, whose voice needs to be heard. Be more like MIKO!


Student Jury Award

The Great Nothing

director: Vít Klusák, Marika Pecháčková

producers: Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda, Pavla Klimešová

Choosing the best documentary from such high-quality selection was a tough nut to crack. We were looking for a documentary that was unique and The Great Nothing appealed to us with a black & white visual rendition of a gloomy subject, but through the colourful views of ordinary people. It presented absurdity in a beautiful art form, seasoned with a pinch of humor. The visual poetics is complemented by a philosophical level. The Great Nothing was actually a Great Something for us.


TV and Internet Production Competition – Film and Miniseries


Golden Kingfisher

King of Šumava: Phantom of the Dark Region

director: David Ondříček

producers: David Ondříček, Daria Špačková, Michal Reitler / VOYO

We give the award to a tv show which has exceptional cinematic execution. We would also like to highlight its great acting and how well written it was – even though it is a historical series, the characters, their emotions and the obstacles they are facing resonated very well with this jury’s members. We give the award to King of Sumava.


Student Jury Award

King of Šumava: Phantom of the Dark Region

director: David Ondříček

producers: David Ondříček, Daria Špačková, Michal Reitler / VOYO

For a riveting and realistic rendition of life stories not only of the national police border guards.


Special Mention of the International jury

Teeth Bewitched To Get Hitched

director: Jiří Vejdělek

producer: Jaroslav Sedláček / Česká televize

We would like to give a Special Mention to a tv-movie that mixes humor with drama in an elegant way – and shows how a simple story of a toothache can grow into a complex tale about human relations. We laughed a lot and maybe even cried a bit, and that’s why we give the special mention award to Teeth Bewitched To Get Hitched.


TV and Internet Production Competition – Serial Production


Golden Kingfisher

Volga, episode 3

director: Jan Pachl

producer: Josef Viewegh / Česká televize

In the series competition we once again had a tough job to choose between the quality projects, but one show stood out: one which creatively mixed humor and drama, had great production value, and told the story of 1970s television and Czecho-Slovakian society in a fresh way, revolving around an opportunistic driver and a mix of memorable characters.


Student Jury Award

Five Years, episode 1

director: Damián Vondrášek

producer: Matěj Stehlík / Česká televize

For an excellent reflection of reality and brilliant work with a painful topic that resonates in today's society.


Student Short Film Competition


Golden Kingfisher


director: Daria Kashcheeva

producers: Zuzana Křivková, Martin Vandas

For its bravery to push the limits of filmmaking, and have the courage to tear up and heal wounds. The autor is a visionary filmmaker, creating a thought-provoking and immersive experience, and bringing back the genuine magic of cinema.


Special Mention of the International Jury


director: Jan Hecht

producers: Marek Dusil, Jakub Vacík

We want to acknowledge this timely and relatable film dealing with the working conditions of people in healthcare. We were very impressed by Jan’s meticulous craftsmanship. He is a promising young filmmaker and we’re excited to see more of him.